Bret's Bamboo Oven

These ovens are the best ovens you can buy for heat-treating bamboo and glue setting.  You no longer have to worry about charcoaled strips like with a heatgun   oven.   Nice,  even heat-treating and tempering along the entire length  of the strips.  The cabinets are custom built by a local heating company to exact specifications. the finest mica strip heaters and quality  components are used in the construction of these ovens. With proper use and  care this oven should last the average rod builder for many years to come.  You cannot buy or build a better oven for all your bamboo heat-treating needs.

“Your ovens are the Cadillac of ovens.”  A professional rod builder

“No more flaming bazooka of death like I got from my heat gun oven.  I was so tired of charcoaled strips all the time.  Since I got your oven I no longer ruin any strips.”  BM

“I am so pleased with my oven.  My strips turn out better than I could have hoped for.  When I had a heat gun oven I usually ruined about 30% of my strips.  I no longer have to worry about this anymore.”  TN

Click here for a PDF article from Power Fibers about our oven.

Price:  $954.00 + $200.00 shipping ($225 to East  Coast).

Our standard oven is 5' long. We can make you a 6' oven for an additional $75. The shipping is an additional $25 on the 6' oven due to the oven being oversized. 

Ordering Information:

Email  - or - 480-272-8301


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